Find The Light Student Practitioners

All students have completed Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 of Rebecca’s Find The Light courses where they have learned how to heal themselves and also help others to become more self aware. These students wish to continue embracing their natural abilities and wish to offer their abilities to help others.

Each student is different in their approach, as they all have their own unique way. Learn more about who these amazing women are and if you feel drawn to have a session then they will happily book you in.



Approved Practitioner
Dorset, England

Jeanie Zak

Approved Practitioner
Pennsylvania, USA 

Elena Popova

Approved Practitioner
Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Approved Practitioner
United Kingdom

Angela Fucci

Approved Practitioner
North Carolina, USA

Nikky Murray

Approved Practitioner
Someplace, UK