Special Level 3 Member Invitation*

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*This is a special membership invitation only for Level 2 graduates

A special message from Becky….

What's Included In Your Membership?

Live Q&A Calls

Rebecca will lead 2 LIVE and interactive journeying calls and 1 group Q&A call per month to help you continue to understand yourself and grow confidence and trust in yourself and your natural abilities. You will be personally guided to more awareness of self and empower you to grow.   

Online Community

Access to an exclusive Telegram room just for Level 3 members.  Continue to practice your skills and discover who you really are and what you can do together with your fellow level 2 graduates 

“Thank you Rebecca for sharing your incredible gifts!  I am so very grateful for your presence and valuable insights, which have been instrumental in uncovering more about my-self and healing certain aspects of the human condition to allow for more of my Soul-essence to come into the body and open up more of my gifts. All three courses have been absolutely amazing and helpful in that regard! What’s been amazing also is meeting all of the beautiful people in the courses!”

Special membership invitation

Rebecca is passionate about understanding consciousness and how consciousness creates reality. Her intention has helped her break down many veils within to bring forward knowledge and understandings far beyond this physical world.

She is excited to work with Level 2 graduates and looks forward to helping you expand your consciousness even further.

Bi-Monthly Classes Begin  Wed. Jan 18th, 9:00 pm UK Time.  Membership:  £250 £200 per month (limited time pricing)

Weekly Q&A Calls

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