Find Your Light – Heal Yourself And Your Family


These 2 meditations are to guide you to clear and heal yourself of any metals within your consciousness. Also included is a guided meditation for parents who want to clear and heal their own children of vaccines.

Vaccines leave metals in the brain which stops the left side of your brain communicating to the right side of the brain at certain points. The more vaccines taken the more you are vulnerable to health issues. These metals also get projected throughout our organs and lower our immune system.

These guided meditations, produced by Sigrid, have been created specially by Rebecca from Find The Light, using her knowledge and using her own techniques which she uses to clearing her own clients of these toxins within our consciousness. You are stronger then any technology and have the power to clear your consciousness of these toxins.

Whether you been subjected to immunizations, travels injections or any type of other injections and wish to clear your consciousness and physical body then this meditation is perfect for you.