Tamsin UK 

I came across Becky nearly three years ago on YouTube, which I understand now was not by chance as I once thought, but because my heart was looking for help, support and guidance. Becky radiates out this beautiful loving supportive energy that our hearts are seeking. I really had no idea about anything to do with spirituality, frequency, energies or consciousness because I was hypnotised and living in a state of trauma, which kept me in my mental mind. Something inside me told me to book a session with Becky and to give it ago. I didn’t know why, and I must admit, I didn’t know what to expect. I was a little nervous, but I still booked two sessions with Becky. Becky was so lovely, patient and she really listened to me, it was like talking to a friend I had known for so many years. I had no idea what to say at first, but Becky made me feel so comfortable that things just came flooding out. I asked her if I was a robot because at the time I felt like I might of been one. Firstly, she reassured me that I wasn’t and secondly, she didn’t make me feel stupid or crazy for asking. Then, as we were chatting she asked me a few questions about myself and I told her about how I struggle to get my words out sometimes and how my mind was always on. I thought this was normal as my mind had been so chaotic for most of my life, I had gotten used to it. Becky went in and was able to break down and remove the consciousness of both my parents that were fighting over me. I could feel Becky in my mind at the time and then my mind went silent. I couldn’t believe it. It was quiet and I started to hear my own voice. I always felt like I was at war and ready for battle. I felt so angry all the time in my head but after just one session with Becky, this went and she helped me start to understand who I truly was and how I felt. Becky changed my life that day and she has continued to help support me since. She really did help me find the light. 🥰

Claire (London, UK) 

I first discovered Becky (Find the Light) in 2020, the year of the pandemic and the lockdowns etc. By listening to Becky, it has kept me grounded during these times and maintained my sense of rational perspective. Before, I felt like I was on an emotional rollercoaster driven by the media and government etc. Becky has given me answers to things that I was worried about and provided me with a sense of power to control my own life. I’m still a work in progress, but I’m more of an island now not as affected by external factors. 



I had a 121 session with Becky in 2021. I’ve had a life time of addiction issues amongst other things. Becky was able to look down my ancestral time line and see where the trauma started that’s caused these addiction issues. She did some healing with this trauma. Then one month later after 25 years of heavy drinking I just woke up and decided, that’s it, I’m not drinking any more. Thanks to the sessions with Becky I’m well into my second year of sobriety. She is so loving, compassionate and incredibly insightful. I’m so glad I connected with her.

Alex Malcolm

Sessions with Becky have been a game changer in my own personal journey. 
She has been instrumental not only in my own healing but in my understanding of how consciousness works. She is my go-to for when I need an outside perspective of things as I have found that her ability to remote view and understand complex matters is second to none. I have had sessions with her that have helped me gain insights and realizations months and months after. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity.

David Magness 

“My session with Becky blew me away! I mean I’d already held her in high regard but to have her put her gifts to use for me and my family is certainly something to behold!

The accuracy of what she feels/sees is quite surreal and helped bring incredible insights and validation to areas of my life that were in great need. I left the session feeling acknowledged for my own efforts to heal & evolve as well as confident that how I am navigating life is effective.
The session had tears and laughter and so much love. Becky’s energy is very soothing and supportive throughout and I’d not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone…even my own mother!
If you feel drawn to her and her work I’d say don’t delay another moment and get yourself booked in!”

I’m one of Rebecca’s gold members, so I get the chance to see her every 2 weeks on our Zoom call. Her sessions have been instrumental in healing my past relationship issues with my father. I love my Dad, but we have had a coldness and anger between us and Rebecca’s healing sessions have helped me let go the past circular thinking and just forgive and be at peace with past mistakes. As soon as I was able to let it go, it greatly improved my relationship with my father. I think he still is carrying some anger and coldness, but as I’ve resolved a lot of mine, it has that much less fuel for the fire and I’ve quite enjoyed our recent talks and interactions.

Abby Scharlow, USA

I was drawn to book a session with Becky after reading her blog and YouTube videos online. I had no idea how things would go, but I let my excitement guide me forward. I was amazed that Becky didn’t even require seeing each other physically through the computer, and I was able to relax even moreso because of this. The accuracy of what Becky saw was shocking. Without being seen on the physical plane, she saw into me. Her advise and accuracy hit home. She confirmed to me my own feelings, but also brought light into areas I had concerns and questions about. She removed old implants as I was connected outside of the Earth, which I had always felt but didn’t know how to sever the connection. There is a much deeper level of understanding I’ve gained from the session with Becky, as I can see how trauma continued throughout my generational line due to things hidden and not brought to the light. I am in the process of forgiveness to myself and others that allowed the trauma to continue. Before the session with Becky I didn’t understand how these things continue, but understanding is allowing compassion to grow and is helping me shed old trauma energy. Through the session I found clarity where there was much confusion and have allowed my heart to continue gently opening. I am in a new relationship that I know has come forth from seeing more clearly and opening my heart thanks to the session with Becky!
As we are all on the path to know ourselves, I would describe the session with Becky as a clear, bright light that allowed me to see deeper into what is really going on inside of me. Thanks so much Becky!

Inga, Ireland

I was at this point in my life where I knew deep inside that something is holding me back I couldn’t figure it out what that was. Some strange way I was lead to Beckys you tube channel. I started to watch her videos and I felt it was most likely the implants what I have to remove to move forward. I would like to thank you Becky from my heart❤ the amazing work you do! The changes I felt after session was absolutely game changer for me! It not only helped me but also in some way it helped my mum to heal is well! The understanding is what made healing! The implant you removed have definitely made an impact on my racing mind. my mind is calm I feel I am in charge now. And if i get attacked I feel i can protect myself now and not to give in. Also the hologram you removed from my liver made big impact. I don’t feel anger as much ) I can control it. its still there I can feel it but it is not as loud anymore:) also realising that I am treath to matrix makes me move forward with my passion to help people heal holistic way.

Pipi, Western Australia

readily fell in the love and light and various healing traps after awakening in 2018. There were so many modalities and schools of thoughts out there but none actually brought me clarity on the nature of reality and of myself. One day I was reading on the twin flame and a link took me to Becky’s blog. Her writing was so down to earth and easy to read, I was drawn to read more. I started watching and following her youtube channel. As a newbie, her version of reality was not easy to comprehend, but I found myself coming back to her videos again and again and each time, I resonated more. I was a cautious newbie who rarely joins groups memberships or pays for healing sessions. But by end of 2019 I was so exhausted from endless seeking and healing I contacted Becky at new year 2020. I decided having a session with Becky was the kindest thing I could ever do for myself. Now, 10 one on one sessions with Becky later and as a regular on her patreon sessions, I have never felt such clarity, beauty and abundance in my entire life. Despite what 2020 has brought to the collective, my 2020 was the best year of my life. Through Becky’s de-programing, removing implants and mesh, identifying trauma and helping me to understanding them and releasing them, I created a beautiful 3D experience that I really enjoy. I know who I am, where I am from, what I am here to do, and how I will do them. I was amazed how people around me started to wake up even though I never “hard sell” Becky’s messages. Some programs and implants Becky removed are life changing. An example was paranoia. I was paranoid all my life that someone was looking through the window while I sleep. I always have to have windows locked and curtains drawn before I could sleep. Becky removed that implant on top of my head during the first session. In a few days time, that fear of being watched during sleep was gone and I didn’t even remember why I felt that way. These days, my house have no curtains and my doors are not locked. I sleep next to a huge glass door that I can see the stars when I sleep and the birds on the trees when I wake up. It brings me so much joy. I wish those who are still seeking, trapped in their confusion or experiencing fear and doubt and pain and uncertainty, watch Becky’s videos, join her patreon group, and when the yearning of speaking with her for her guidance becomes so strong, contact her for a session. It will be the best few pounds you have ever spent for yourself. I know it is for me. Thank you Becky from the bottom of my heart.

Jo, New Zealand

I have had over 16 sessions with Becky, mostly for myself but some for family members also. I have experienced many small and big shifts in my life. Overall, my heart is now open and I’m experiencing living a lot of my life in joy, ease, contentment and peace which I had never been able to do regularly and consistently before, even after having spent years of doing self-help and other healing techniques to clear core issues. With Becky the healing you do is permanent. She is able to pinpoint the exact root cause of issues which maybe from implants, matrix programs, trauma, or beliefs, etc, and be able to clear them or give you the necessary advice on how to work on them yourself. I still have a few minor issues but these are ones where I have to do the work myself! And thanks to Becky I know what to do. I have also seen a big improvement in my teenagers behaviour because Becky was able to see what was going on for her so I could then address it with her. Now-a-days I feel free and happy to follow my joy without fear and know that our future is bright.

Ragna, Belgium

Rebecca Baron has given my spiritual growth a big boost in the months that i have been following her. After having been given a private session, I feel I can embrace life in a way I couldn’t do before.

Brianna Tate, USA

My first session with Becky was in March 2020-Just after the whole world was beginning to go into lockdown due to the pandemic. Not only was I in so much fear about what was happening but was also dealing with the consequences of my own toxic behavior that nearly ruined my family. Becky comes from a place of love and understanding and I have never felt any judgement in any of my sessions with her. I felt a slight shift after that first session and could see a change in my perspective about life and the world. After my second session I felt like I had completely become a new person- The person I also wanted to be. I felt Less Fear and more love in my heart than ever before. I felt very pure, like my insides were a crystal clean stream of water. I could see how all the negative beliefs I had were really limiting me and my perspective. She brings everything into your awareness for you so it can be understood. With understanding comes the healing! With a lot of the programs and implants removed and a change in my perspective about life, I could feel my consciousness expanding as well. My home life has improved dramatically. I have regained trust and confidence in myself and others. I am more focused inwardly than outwardly and even started to hone in on my own psychic abilities. Becky is the real deal. She has one of the kindest hearts that I’ve ever met and I’m so thankful I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet her and work with her. She has helped me find my spark for life!

Timothy Ronan

I’ve recently come out of my eighth session with Becky! I wanted to keep this concise — “Cool person, five stars, greatly recommend!” — but there’s just too much that needs said for why I trust and work with Becky.I’ve been on my healing path for about nine years now and I’ve certainly had some wild things I needed help with. I tried many people, both mainstream and alternative. Nearly all were lovely people with good intentions, but I never made much progress. Add on the fact that I’m well-versed in the Matrix myself from my own intuition and research, and it became challenging to find anyone who could truly help me. No one knew more than me, no one knew what to do about what I was aware of. So this year I started becoming very careful about whom I grant access to my energy, vulnerability, and spirituality. I learned the hard way that good intentions don’t translate to pure assistance; good people who didn’t know better could still harm me, or at best leave me spending my resources while spinning my wheels with little result.I wanted to open my review with the above because I bet others have had similar experiences, but also to elaborate the hurdles and high standards Becky had to cross (unbeknownst to her!) in my personal spiritual selection process to be qualified to guide my life and help me on my journey. Many people do not pass this test.But Becky flies right over it. She is such a joy to work with. We laugh together at the peculiar and absurd things, while for serious matters she holds me in an understanding, non-judgemental, effective compassion that excels any I’ve experienced before in a professional (which is one of the high standards where I stopped settling for less). The depth of her kindness catches me off guard sometimes. This presence of hers alone is profoundly healing. Do you know how much can change when you are looked upon with acknowledgement and no longer have to hide and defend yourself, especially the confusing, frightening, shameful parts that need the most help? Worlds shift. Becky has helped shift my world after years of pushing against it with little movement.We’ve worked on so much now, but the biggest shift worth sharing in a review (I’m a skeptic who likes appeasing skepticism was a physical (not metaphysical or woo woo), extreme tightness I had with my vertical ab muscles that kept me from fully breathing for years. Before I could even bring the topic up, she saw two bands and began working on them! Within a day or two after the session I could breathe deep, and it has lasted. I’ve experienced many other mental/emotional/perceptual shifts, and several times she’d see the energy before I brought it up as a topic. I can trust that important things will be addressed and assisted, even when I don’t know where to begin.In sum, Becky has refined her metaphysical and journeying skills and helped me gain so much insight and resolution in my life. The only thing that has come close was shamanic soul retrieval, whose results and scope lagged far behind what I experience with Becky. I view her as a metaphysical scientist on the cutting edge of the future of spirituality. Many times she discovers metaphysical dynamics and Matrix stuff that I’ve only ever read about — but she hasn’t! She’s mentioned on several occasions of avoiding external content to keep her perspective unbiased. Yet she’s confirming a lot of what’s out there, and transcending it. Becky is knees-deep In the atypical work that’s necessary to help orient this wayward world, and I’m so grateful to have gained her assistance on my path.Update 08/24/20: I met Becky just over a year ago now and have continued to consult her beyond those 8 sessions. She remains 1 of only 2 teachers/healers/masters whom I trust with my soul, literally. For whatever it’s worth, this is the highest accolade from me. So thankful I know her and grateful of the work she does for the world.

El Ron

Dear Becky I should have told u earlier but our session last monday was beyond words helpful.I can’t start to tell .. what a mental landslide – for the betterment.Things start to flow that had been stuck for decades.U basically gave me my father back .. as u know .. I no longer say within, which i did – ‘I never really had a father’. I can finally have him. Have had him. And love him as a Source, a true and whole part of my own nowexistence. U changed the game radically and deeply for me, for him .. and all in and out of me. It’s like u broke a dam(n) .. I am forever thankful and I bless the day I found you ..All the love to u and yor loved ones.

Jan JJ

The Universe has a way of providing what you need at the right time. In my case, Becky’s Youtube videos found me at exactly the right time! After 2 years of suffering endless headaches and debilitating migraines I reached out to Becky and secured a session. Best decision of my life! After conventional doctors ran every test and scan they could to find the cause of my migraines and failing, I was told that I would just have to “learn to live with them and manage them with pain killers”. Since my session with Becky I have not had a headache or migraine (normally I would have a constant headache and 2 to 3 migraines a month.) Immediately after the session I felt light and incredibly happy. Free! I felt Free! What an amazing gift you have Becky!Thank you for sharing it with us!

Kay Louise Turner

Becky is the most skilled, intuitive and compassionate seer and healer I have ever worked with (and having been on the healing path for many years I have worked with several!)I’ve had 2 sessions with her so far and the depth of the shifts in relation to trauma, physical pain and dysfunctional thought patterns and limiting beliefs are profound. The healing she facilitates works at so many layers, mind, body, emotional, energetic, soul cosmic, light ….I’d recommend you book a session with Becky without hesitation. In doing so you are committing to the liberation of your consciousness and the feminine.

Dana Stevens

I have been a client of Rebecca’s for approximately three years. I came across Rebecca by accident, but I don’t feel that life is an accident, I think we find people and just the right time to help us heal and become in powered throughout our lives. Rebecca is quite the talented, Gifted, intuitive and amazing woman that has helped me overcome so many of my life’s challenges and perceived (old) programming from my childhood that many other healers have been unable to support me with, For the purposes of helping me dissolve, change and deprogram all my limiting beliefs that have been with me since the time of my conception, and from growing up with a culturally difficult background. Rebecca’s gentle nature with any information and non-judgemental answers to my endless questions have helped me in ways that no other person on this planet has been able to help me. Rebecca’s perspectives about this Experience that we are all living in, has supported me to become an empowered, strong, open-minded and much more aware individual. Her clarity on situations and experiences has assisted me to dissolve that which I could feel was niggling in the background, but that I couldn’t put into words. For example all my life I felt like I was being watched in a Weird kind of way that I would never share with anybody else; when we were able to unpack that which I felt, it was paramount and visible that there were many programs attached to me that I was consciously unaware of (but which were effecting my energetically and holding me back from living a free and creative life. Rebecca was able to heal and assist me to reprogram my body mind and spirit for an ideal operating system that has helped me stay grounded and become more healthier, more balanced, more settled and more Calm; I’m now owning my inner intuitive nature, more than what i used to be many years ago, as I used to hide and ignore my Inate abilities!I’m forever grateful to Rebecca for her wisdom, for her different perspective and for the explanations about anything that I brought to her which she was able to break down and ascertain where it ( the pattern of behavior) was coming from why it was connected Me and how I could turn it around. I am now a much more balanced and happier individual due to the fact that I am so much more connected to my heart and able to lead with much strength and confidence that I have never ever experienced before in my life. I highly recommend Rebecca’s services for anyone that has questions they have held onto for the whole life that they require Answers for, Rebecca will be able to assist you in regaining your Mojo getting clarity on life questions helping you regain your sense of purpose to enable a strong connection to your infinite wisdom, so you may lead your best life possible. Rebecca has also been able to help support my extended family members, my children and even my dog in times of great need when general conventional support Was unable to provide answers and clear direction on an action plan to help heal and restore good health confidence and clarity when faced With challenges in one’s mind and body. I feel like in this lifetime I finally been able to find the answers with Rebecca’s help to those questions which have been with me for eons! Thank you Rebecca, you are a one of a kind woman! I love you!!

Susan Worthington

I would highly recommend having a session with Becky! Her work is so unique, and ground breaking. And I have found I feel a difference immediately. Often almost a night and day difference. I for sure feel stronger and more centered within myself after a session. Having obtained a new perspective “outside the Matrix”, her explorations and learnings about the interactions of Consciousness in and outside that structure are extremely helpful in getting to the core of issues that are showing up and “projecting” into your life. Becky is very fast, and has an impressive clarity to her observations. She also has always been flexible, willing to pause a minute in the path she’s exploring, and follow something I wanted to quick check out. She listens. She wants to learn too, right along with us. Every client gives her that much more information to dive deeper, or track down different connections. And she shares the information as best she can explain, allowing us to try to build upon those discoveries and track things for ourselves too.

Jade Griffin

After two sessions I am amazed by the difference I feel. Becky has a gentle approach and homes in on specific programming that totally resonated with me. Since my clearing, I am now living through my heart chakra and wow, what a difference. Life feels abundantly rich and colourful and i feel more in touch with my true essence. I also feel more connected to people than ever, something I struggled with. Cannot thank Becky enough and my only regret was not finding her sooner! Highly recommend x

Mrya Waltyr

My life has changed radically for the better becky is truly patient kind caring and no nonsense spiritual jargon person. I love working with her.

Jacqui McGinn

Becky’s work is remarkable. In the first session, she found a pattern of programmes designed to make me behave the opposite of who I naturally am, which she said is what usually happens. They were all designed around keeping me in my head and out of my heart. That made me work really slowly and overthink and second guess myself and my work way too much. In the second session, she did an incredible process on my heart that has made it so strong and able to use my emotions and intuition so much more.Since the sessions, I’m more focused, I can use my heart more powerfully to clear my energy and stay centred and I’m far less affected by the energy of people around me. It also brought more peace and fun to my close relationships. I know some of the explanations Becky gives for what she’s doing are a pretty out there and that’s why I resisted having sessions for as long as possible (!) but she really does have an incredible gift that can get you back to the real you.

Heidi Walker

I was first drawn to Becky because of what she has healed in herself. For 20 years I have been going to healers in countless modalities to heal similar issues, but with minimal relief. Becky has something completely different to offer, and for those of us who have been in the “new age” healing space, it is a total paradigm shift! After my first session, I booked several more so she could work with all of my family members. We are all feeling lighter, and I look forward to seeing more changes in our reality as we integrate. The most noticeable change so far has been my son’s asthma has greatly improved (is possibly gone!). He was very ill in recent months, but now has greater lung capacity and is currently symptom free! I recommend Becky wholeheartedly.

Diana An

I highly recommend Becky as a healer. I had a session with Becky 3 weeks ago and I keep seeing major improvement in my awareness, she’s literally took me to another level of consciousness. The programs and issues she pointed out were so much accurate and relatable. During the first week after the session my brain was literally on fire and rewiring and it was anything than comfortable and easy. But the truth is never joyful in our Matrix I guess. I’ll definitely book another session in the nearest future. Thank you, Becky!

Rachel Naomi Lees

The work of Becky Barron is serious and compassionate. She has been pivotal in my healing journey, a good friend and an honest healer of integrity. Her work on matrix is profound and life changing not only on an individual level but on the global and universal level. Deep gratitude for her.

Искра Бела

Rebecca is super accurate in “spotting” the issues. Lightness comes immediately as a part of the consciousness is released from is prison. Unique style of healing!

Lori Howard-McGraw

Hello all, it’s been a few weeks since Becky did a clearing for me and I have to say that she is the real deal folks. She discovered things about me that she could not have ever known . She removed AI programs that were attached to me and it has changed my life. I cannot even begin to thank you enough Becky for what you have done for me. During our session I could feel the difference I felt my self vibrating – I felt so much heaviness being lifted from me the relief was overwhelming and left me in tears of joy. The younger woman you saw was my daughter Becky and she has had a complete attitude change toward me. The anger is gone it’s gone it’s gone. I cannot thank you enough. I am free.

David Sadowski

Had my first session with Becky today. Her findings were very accurate, and certainly explained many life long behavior patterns. I felt noticeably lighter, and more at ease afterwards. For me, this was a major victory! Well worth it!!

Daniela Pet-q

Becky has an amasing insight that I haven’t seen before in all my healings!!! She saw things that only I know about because I could feel them. Thank you, Becky! You made me understand many things about energy and about the world we are living in during our healings!!!

Nik Elena

I was quite stunned by the immediacy of the results by Rebecca’s new method of healing. They showed up literally an hour after my session ended. Everything she spoke about resonated, and I was amazed that she could so easily see the core patterns and beliefs (programs) that have endlessly plagued my life. With my own methods of healing, these patterns take days, weeks, months to see, heal and reprogram, but Rebecca removed them effortlessly, all within the time allocated. Not only that, she also freed me from an energy vampire who had been draining me of much vitality. I felt very different afterwards (exhausted but freed) and am eager to see how life will be like now. Thanks Rebecca Barron, I am ever grateful!

Kgosietsile Tlou

Easily the most skilled and effective energy worker I ever came across. I am on a personal journey and have learnt a lot from her and will stick with her all the way through. Her insights are often ‘out of this world’ enlightened, fresh and very unique (I can guarantee you will not hear them anywhere else)…packaged and delivered in a way that no one else can and with great simplicity. The changes are felt immediately. It has been a blessing to meet you Becky. Thank you

Janne Nyyssönen

Since rebecca and i talked and she worked on me i feel less or no anxiety anymore. Or at least it doesnt shake me anymore. Much more grounded as well and i feel very much more free. A lot of fears and feelings of weaknesses seem to be a mere echo of the past than in actuality still bothering me. I feel like my energetic skin is much thicker again which is such a relief and joy to experience. Im still sensitive which i always was but dont feel like being crushed or confused by outer influences any more that easily. I dont feel so weak anymore. I feel stronger roots and i can sense a world behind the veil that i always tried to grasp but that seemed closed. This world feels closer now. More embedded and connected to my daily conscious. Thank you for helping me on my way exiting the matrix.

Louis Romano

Becky abilities are nothing shorI of amazing. I hit a tough spot that has plagued me all my life, very difficult to shift. In just over a week since removing the matrix programs and exiting the matrix one major and very noticeable change has become apparent is how everything has began to flow in my favour. If things could have gone wrong they would go wrong. My life has always been about crisis mangement and bracing myself for some kind of fallout. It’s never ever been like this ever! I can’t believe how life has eased up. Still early day, but if this is what is coming. I’m absolutely blown away!It’s like night and day. It’s awesome!


I’ve struggled with eating and body issues for most of my life – with eating disorders, not being comfortable in the body, wild weight fluctuations, excessive workouts and dieting, hating myself and body and so on. During my session with Becky, she helped to heal that part of me that was dysfunctional around eating and physical movement, as well as the part that could not see the body for what it truly was- beautiful. She released my fragmented and entrapped consciousness from many sadistic programs in the matrix. After the session I noticed an immediate change with how I was eating. I could hear my body clearly telling me when it wanted to stop eating, I didn’t binge or gorge myself and then purge my body the way I normally would. I cannot tell you how big a change this is! I’m looking forward to seeing how this will continue to develop in my life, and how this body will eventually feel and look. Thank you so much for all that you’ve done Becky!


I had my first session with Becky in the summer of 2018 and I have had several sessions with her since then. I have seen Becky’s gifts expand and have witnessed how she has grown as a healer over the years. Becky is genuinely kind-hearted, caring and she holds a space for you to understand yourself and grow. All this in the most respectful and compassionate way. She listens carefully and to my knowledge, she is one of the very few healers who can actually go really deep into the root of the problem. Her ability to see beyond projections and in and out of the matrix makes her one of a kind! I have had several shifts thanks to the healing I have done with her. A couple of examples: I used to have panic attacks quite frequently. The work we did in 2018 helped me so much to the point I barely had any panic attacks anymore like maybe once a year. Also, in 2019 there was this guy I was very much connected to but felt something was off. Becky found out we were both connected to the moon and the day after the healing, that weird electric feeling in my body was gone. The work I have done with her over the years has been an amazing help in my healing process and I could not thank her enough for her time, her kindness, her patience and her genuine compassion! Thank you Becky for everything! I definitely recommend a session with her! You will experience a shift in your healing process! 


I found Becky in April of 2020, about a month after being laid off work, due to covid. I had spent that first month going down the rabbit hole, obsessively searching for truth. I have spent many years in the love and light community, sifting through overloads of information, while taking in small amounts of truth that resonated with me. This all changed when I came across Becky’s videos on youtube. Without hesitation, I booked my first 2 hour session with her. It was even more incredible than I could have imagined. She was able to explain so much to me, about myself, that I couldn’t understand prior. Soon after, she started her gold healing group. This community has helped me to heal and grow and I know sharing my experiences has helped others in the group, as well. I had the honor of taking one of the very first classes that Becky offered, for learning to journey. This is when the deepest healing truly began. I have never experienced a class like this. Becky was very clear that she is only here to direct you and you are the one doing the work. You will learn to trust yourself in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. She has an amazing skill that she has perfected over time and she guides you to better understand your personal experience. Becky is the most genuine, patient, kind person and her integrity is almost palpable. If you are ready to journey into the balance of your heart and mind, Becky is the person that can help you bloom.