Course Testimonials


I am sooooo excited..I have my taste and smell back!! U are a miracle worker!!!
Thank u so much!!! I have learned so much from your class!


Thanks Becky for your lovely messages. This course has been life changing for me.
Find the Light has changed my life forever. I can’t wait to continue the courses and see what’s next… XX

Jeanie Zak

Course 2 continues the initiative started with Course 1, adding more layers, and allowing further expansion into journeying while under the wing of the gentle and loving guidance of Becky Barron. As she can look back into others journeys, Becky assists in understanding any aspect we are unsure of, and by confirming what we saw or sensed, it grows ones confidence by leaps and bounds. It expands trust in all the subtleties, and assures one that they are not just imagining things. I believe the greatest added benefit of Course 2 is the experience of the group as a whole. With the vast knowledge shared in Course 1, and some journey experience under our belt, everyone in the group seems to feel more comfortable in expressing themselves and experiences. As inevitably, like Course 1, unhealed personal issues will and do come up, and healing will and does happen. Realization comes, that journeying on others, not only is healing for them, but also for ourselves. And the beauty of hearing others experiences, brings deep compassion, understanding, and connection. So grateful to Becky for creating such a sacred space to share her vast wisdom and experience with us, so that we may know that we may do the same and more.


I found Becky in April of 2020, about a month after being laid off work, due to covid. I had spent that first month going down the rabbit hole, obsessively searching for truth. I have spent many years in the love and light community, sifting through overloads of information, while taking in small amounts of truth that resonated with me. This all changed when I came across Becky’s videos on youtube. Without hesitation, I booked my first 2 hour session with her. It was even more incredible than I could have imagined. She was able to explain so much to me, about myself, that I couldn’t understand prior. Soon after, she started her gold healing group. This community has helped me to heal and grow and I know sharing my experiences has helped others in the group, as well. I had the honor of taking one of the very first classes that Becky offered, for learning to journey. This is when the deepest healing truly began. I have never experienced a class like this. Becky was very clear that she is only here to direct you and you are the one doing the work. You will learn to trust yourself in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. She has an amazing skill that she has perfected over time and she guides you to better understand your personal experience. Becky is the most genuine, patient, kind person and her integrity is almost palpable. If you are ready to journey into the balance of your heart and mind, Becky is the person that can help you bloom.