Course Testimonials


Becky is a phenomenal lady with incredible dedication in supporting others on their healing journey. I found Becky around three years ago and I am so grateful for this. The encouragement in deepening my understanding of self and the abilities I have to heal have created profound shifts in my reality and perceptions of self.

I am currently in a healing group with Becky and I have participated in the Level 1 and Level 2 of the courses in expanding my consciousness, and I hope to continue with the Level 3 in time. The healing that takes place is offered in such an authentic space, with genuine compassion, whilst offering gentle challenge to take responsibility for myself and my wants and needs in this life. As I see how my life is moving and expanding into new understandings I have deepened the trust with myself and the unfolding takes place.

I have genuine love for Becky and feel so appreciative of the gifts that she has shared, I highly recommend xXxSending love xx


Hello! Happy New Year and thank you for all of the videos and class opportunities for this year! I took Levels 1 & 2 with you – Tamsin was in Level 2 with us. I just had a session with her and it was AMAZING! She is really, really good! My throat doesn’t hurt, she helped me understand my mom a bit more and what I can do so my husband will want to clean the basement and that my fasting is working. Anyway, the bigger picture is that you are a FANTASTIC teacher and I really appreciate all the work you do helping us so we can help others. Thank you so so very much🥰❤️


A few months after I had my sessions with Becky she felt she needed to go into a different direction and teach others to guide them in believing in themselves to heal themselves. This is such a gift Becky is giving to us all by supporting us in our own empowerment. I was unsure, nervous and unconfident to join level 1 at first but Im so glad I took the leap and did it. Becky has created such a loving and supportive community. I really didn’t know what to expect or even if I could journey at all. I was worried that I would let others down but Becky help me break down these barriers and as a group we all helped each other. It took me until half way through the course to start to journey but the deep connections I made from journeying on others was profound. There was a lot of tears. After level one my confidence grow and I become more and more fascinated with consciousness and supporting others that I join level 2 shortly after. Level 2 really was on another level and the journeys of understanding myself was so profound and deep that I’m so glad I had Becky to guide me through it. I had a lot of anger and fear to face that the group helped me by providing a safe space. I then continued on my journey of following my heart, which ended up in me signing up for level 2 again. Now I understand why because there was more deep healing I needed to understand and clear. Having the chance to connect with like minded people who just want to help and see you thrive is amazing. I would not be where I’m today without doing these courses and meeting such beautiful people to connect with. This is all thanks to Becky. It has been so amazing to witness and be apart of Becky’s growth too. I’ve really enjoyed watching her bloom as Gaia has been over the years. It’s so important the work that Becky is doing by helping us see and feel the beauty in ourselves. She has been providing a comfortable, safe space for us all to bloom and it’s amazing to see others bloom and glow too.

I have continued my healing journey and joined level 3 where again Becky is guiding us by supporting us in gaining our connection to our true selves again. It has been amazing to have Becky to ask advice and to help us continue to break down blockages we may have or false beliefs in one self. Level 3 has been amazing with getting others insights into how they feel and see consciousness. It’s a safe space and the energies from everyone in the group is out of this world. We have been going deeper into the unknown together and I’m learning that consciousness is limitless. There is so much to find out and know. In level 3 I have been able to make connections with a conscious energy that looks like a star from this reality. It is so fascinating but also to be able to share such things with others is amazing.

Becky has been on the front line bringing in the light and now she is empowering others to bring in light too, to shine bright in this reality to help heal the collective. Words can not describe how important this is for humanity right now. I’m so thankful that Becky stood up and found the courage to put herself out there to show us all the way. I’m so grateful for Becky and that she wanted to share her gifts with the world. I feel more is to come and Becky’s light is a beacon for us all which is why we are seeking her out. Continue shining your beautiful light Becky. Thank you for being you. 🥰

Love and hugs

Robyn. Australia 

HI Becky, Merry Christmas to you! Feedback: I have changed so much from Becky’s course. Self acceptance, love and understanding with a greater internal strength and joy that has been derived from those changes. This has been made possible with Becky being so calm and respectful creating a safe space to be open and accepting of the discoveries that are made with her such deep, intricate and phenomenal journeys. The support from members in the group have also been so very nourishing. The richness of all of these aspects coming together is a magical recipe for real and flourishing personal change. The sort of change that can only happen when access is gained to the deeper layers of who I really am to then bring into my life. I have been wishing to heal myself for decades. I have finally hit the jackpot! I also know already that I now have what is useful to assist with other’s healing journeys.

Sarah S.

“I’ve had a few private sessions with Becky, am part of the Gold group and have also done level 1 & 2! This work has changed my life and has given me the confidence to finally trust myself, trust my heart and tune into my natural abilities! Through Becky’s teachings, the meditation audios, the group sessions and her confidence in me I feel more connected to my heart on a daily basis and more able to discern & listen to the messages that come from within, from my higher self. This has not only helped me to heal my own trauma and limiting beliefs but has changed my perspective on my life in general, allowing me to be more open to the endless possibilities that are available! After the level 1 & 2 classes I felt ready to start practicing and sharing my gifts with my family and friends and I’m excited to see where the rest of my journey takes me. Thank you for sharing your wonderful intuitive gifts and knowledge with us all Becky! “ 

I’ve worked with Becky 1:1, in biweekly healing groups and in both level 1 and level 2 courses over the past 2 years. Through her heart-centered guidance, I’ve gained incredible insight into my own consciousness, generational and even past life beliefs and traumas that had been keeping me blocked and searching for answers outside of myself (instead of trusting myself and my own inner knowings). 

This expansion of awareness has allowed me to choose to release what no longer serves me, to connect more with my self, my partner, my heart and my physical reality and to allow my emotions to be felt and expressed (vs. denied and suppressed – which was an old pattern and program). 

Becky has helped me deepen my understanding of the power we all have to heal ourselves and create the reality we desire. I’m so grateful for her patience, clarity, direction and encouragement she’s given me along this part of my healing journey. I highly recommend working with Becky if you have the opportunity!

Thank you Rebecca for sharing your incredible gifts! 💗💗 💗I am so very grateful for your presence and valuable insights, which have been instrumental in uncovering more about my-self and healing certain aspects of the human condition to allow for more of my Soul-essence to come into the body and open up more of my gifts. All three courses have been absolutely amazing and helpful in that regard! What’s been amazing also is meeting all of the beautiful people in the courses!

I am sooooo excited..I have my taste and smell back!! U are a miracle worker!!!
Thank u so much!!! I have learned so much from your class!

Thanks Becky for your lovely messages. This course has been life changing for me.
Find the Light has changed my life forever. I can’t wait to continue the courses and see what’s next… XX

Jeanie Zak
Course 2 continues the initiative started with Course 1, adding more layers, and allowing further expansion into journeying while under the wing of the gentle and loving guidance of Becky Barron. As she can look back into others journeys, Becky assists in understanding any aspect we are unsure of, and by confirming what we saw or sensed, it grows ones confidence by leaps and bounds. It expands trust in all the subtleties, and assures one that they are not just imagining things. I believe the greatest added benefit of Course 2 is the experience of the group as a whole. With the vast knowledge shared in Course 1, and some journey experience under our belt, everyone in the group seems to feel more comfortable in expressing themselves and experiences. As inevitably, like Course 1, unhealed personal issues will and do come up, and healing will and does happen. Realization comes, that journeying on others, not only is healing for them, but also for ourselves. And the beauty of hearing others experiences, brings deep compassion, understanding, and connection. So grateful to Becky for creating such a sacred space to share her vast wisdom and experience with us, so that we may know that we may do the same and more.

I found Becky in April of 2020, about a month after being laid off work, due to covid. I had spent that first month going down the rabbit hole, obsessively searching for truth. I have spent many years in the love and light community, sifting through overloads of information, while taking in small amounts of truth that resonated with me. This all changed when I came across Becky’s videos on youtube. Without hesitation, I booked my first 2 hour session with her. It was even more incredible than I could have imagined. She was able to explain so much to me, about myself, that I couldn’t understand prior. Soon after, she started her gold healing group. This community has helped me to heal and grow and I know sharing my experiences has helped others in the group, as well. I had the honor of taking one of the very first classes that Becky offered, for learning to journey. This is when the deepest healing truly began. I have never experienced a class like this. Becky was very clear that she is only here to direct you and you are the one doing the work. You will learn to trust yourself in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. She has an amazing skill that she has perfected over time and she guides you to better understand your personal experience. Becky is the most genuine, patient, kind person and her integrity is almost palpable. If you are ready to journey into the balance of your heart and mind, Becky is the person that can help you bloom.