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Rebecca is passionate about understanding consciousness and how consciousness creates reality. Her intention has helped her break down many veils within to bring forward knowledge and understandings far beyond this physical world.

With this knowledge, she has continued on her path to help individuals to remember who they are and why they are here and embrace their natural abilities and connect to their own inner wisdom.

Rebecca passes on her findings and understandings to help spark others in their own expansions.. Learn more about working with Rebecca …..



Rebecca is teaming up with the best healers from all around the world to assist you on your journey. From black magic to limiting beliefs, all layers of your situation will be brought to your awareness and healed. Individual healing sessions, group healing sessions and also courses are offered to make you embody the empowered being that you truly are. All this with care, kindness and compassion.  Learn more…..

Learn To Heal Yourself

6 meditation audios to help you connect more with yourself and heal aspects of yourself that is deep down within your consciousness. You are a beautiful being of light that holds vasts amount of information but trauma and negative beliefs can make us trap our beauty and hide it away. These meditations are specially designed to help you discover these traumas and come out of hiding so you can shine more of you into this reality.  Learn more….