This reality that we live in is being projected from inside a prison which we call the Matrix. There are many Matrices. We are one of many!

The Matrix was designed and built by consciousness, a male consciouness called The Architect.

Consciousness creates this reality that we are in and naturally splits into a male and female consciouness, so when we project ourselves into this reality we find one another and become whole again.

We all naturally hold female and male energy within us but when we find our significant other this energy balances out to complete us.

Everyone splits so everyone has a male or female counterpart. This energy doesn’t effect the body you are in. You can be gay, in a male body but your female energy is more dominant.

Having a conversation with the Architect of the Matrix he told me that through jealousy and lack of understanding of the feminine he created the Matrix.

He was a scientist and realised that consciouness also splits through trauma. He manipulated the consciouness to split so there would be more masculine energy within this reality and therefore the masculine energy would dominate this reality. Not realising that he would actually isolate himself and all of the masculine consciouness by doing this. Creating a reality with no balance.

To keep this reality out of balance and the masculine energy in dominance he has had to continually traumatise consciouness inside the matrix.

He traumatises consciouness by using machines and programs. These programs are inserted into our consciouness to create distructive behaviours towards ourselves and each other. He also created programs to set off illnesses.

The Architect told me that he wants the Matrix to fall. The machines that he created to traumatise the consciouness have actually become more powerful then he is. Once he realised this, he deprogrammed himself. He said he had programmed himself at the beginning with programs of greed and ambition to overpower consciouness, as he wanted to be one step ahead and created a super villian of himself, so he could manipulate and carry out his work. When the machines became too powerful, he realised that the only way to overcome the machines was to return back to his original self with no AI programs. This goes in line of what we all need to do, we all need to deprogram to return back to our original self.

When I first came in contact with the Architect a few weeks a go, I felt a lot of sadness which I thought was due to him losing the Matrix, but he is actually feeling that because he realised what he has done to consciouness and this reality. He gained back his consciouness and he wants all of consciouness to return back to its original state.There is a battle coming but it’s not with the Architect, it is with the machines!