Diamonds! Consciousness is held within side a structure that looks like a diamond. Withinside each diamond is pure consciousness that radiates out pure consciousness. These diamonds are within the physical body and also outside the physical body creating an environment that is in peace and harmony and very protective. This is also what connects us with each other and Gaia (mother earth)

When I look at individuals many have very little diamonds (consciousness) left within them. These diamonds is the source of all beauty, so this is a massive threat to the matrix.

The matrix turns individuals within this reality into artificial intelligent beings, they may look and feel human, but they have very little consciousness left within them. People are consumed by AI programs which is all the fears, insecurities and dense emotions we feel. We wouldnt have these feelings if it wasn’t for the matrix. These programs that humanity is carrying are put there by the matrix. These programs diminishes the consciousness within us. Without these AI programs this reality would be Heaven On Earth.

We also radiate out these AI programs and we project this energy on to others. Most of the time this is done unintentionally as it’s unconscious but I have encountered and helped others who have been targeted by people who do this intentionally. When I see these bubbles, I see numbers flowing through them, just like on the computer screen in the Matrix Movies.

The people who do this intentionally are agents for the Matrix, very much like the agent Smith’s in The Matrix Movie. These agent Smith’s are fully aware of what they are doing to individuals, as it’s their only purpose. These people draw off energy (consciousness) from other humans likes vampires. They create artificial energy bubbles and place this around other people they want to control. This artificial energy cuts them off from the natural world, which has a massive negative impact on them. Reality becomes very difficult as they are cut off from the natural world and placed in a matrix bubble. These bubbles intensify the AI programs one is carrying and be the cause of a lot of misfortune situations to arise, instead of harmony and abundance, it causes disharmony and lack of abundance. The energy also causes interference with electrics as it seems to be electric in nature, so I bet this energy can be measured somehow. The victims to this technology are very much in prison but totally unaware that they are. This artificial energy that surrounds them keeps them on a path that causes a lot of emotional turmoil, which keeps the consciousness very low within the body and therefore it’s very hard for people to see what is going on. They become so consumed with the AI programs that they can’t see the bigger picture.

The reason we have duality within this reality is because the matrix can’t survive without consciouness but consciousness is also its biggest threat!

However I have found away of releasing the individuals from the grips of their handlers and others who project their energy onto others and it is simple.

Connecting with Gaia, I piece a hole within the electric matrix bubble so Gaia can venture through, her energy dismantles this matrix energy. I then place diamonds within and around the matrix victim, giving back their consciousness, which is rightly theirs. Peace, harmony is restored and they are free from matrix control.

I also find their consciousness within the matrix, the consciousness where they are projecting from and move the consciousness outside of the matrix so they are projecting from a place of safety.To gain our true reality we need to be projecting only consciousness as that is when we will see our true reality and massive changes will take place. It is time to take our reality back!!!