I discovered that within the matrix, are layers and layers of streams of consciousness. It looks like layers of clouds. Each person is connected to a layer; Each layer determines what life path you are going to take. Therefore, your life path is chosen BEFORE you enter into this reality. When you meet someone, whom is attached to the same layer of consciousness as you are, then you’ll completely resonate with them. You may have a feeling like you’ve known them before meeting. You would have had very similar exsperiences, similar understandings, and therefore can understand one another.

Before entering into this reality, or any reality within the matrix, your light body is scanned. The beliefs (programs) you have, which are imprinted onto your light-body, will determine which consciousness stream you are connected to. That particular consciousness stream that you are hooked up to will dictate what experiences you will have. The perception we hold says that the higher up in consciousness, then the more evoled one is and eventually, hoping we leave the matrix altogether. However, this is a con! The “higher up” in consciousness you travel, the more trapped you become, as our BELIEFS trap us here. The belief of having to live through many, many lifetimes in order to be freed is complete crap. The lie that we have to live these life paths and all of these other programs in order to be free is absolutely manipulation and those two beliefs is what keeps us entrapped within the matrix.

What exactly are programs though? you may be wondering. Programming is everything from insecurities and personality “types” to false beliefs. The list goes on. These reside on your light-body much like tattoos on our skin.

“Moving up” in consciousness is just attaching to “higher” layer in the matrix. When one has a spiritual awakening, it’s merely your consciousness attaching to another layer of consciousness inside the matrix. “New” knowledge and understanding is automatically given. We never “move up in consciousness”, that is a con. Consciousness IS all-knowing, it does not have to move up!! We have been made to believe that we have to live lifetime after lifetime to gain “enlightenment” and to eventually “be freed.” We have been made to believe that we need to experience all of this suffering and pain in order to be “knowing ” Consciousness doesn’t have to relive past life events nor subject itself to these shitty, false programs. We have been made to believe we have to and WE DO NOT!!

I want to touch on the twin flame theory, too. Considering my girlfriends’ experiences, was my relationship destined to fail? I wondered, as it was part of the life path I was on. For many twin flame relationships, this is the case. These relationships are designed to bring all of our insecurities (programs) to the surface. They are designed to bring all the shitty programs to the surface and that makes life very difficult. “Twin flames” is a program. And that program is the most difficult to have play out, or it has been for me anyway. Talking to a being from outside of the matrix, they explained that the whole thing is set up. It is not chance that you meet, it’s completely designed. Both of you have programs that trigger each other, to exsperiences all the difficult programs and we have been made to believe this is a good thing. We have been made to believe that we have to go through this in order to be free. Sadly that is a lie as we are just playing along the matrix manipulation.

I’ve also discovered that the repeating numerology that the awakened see and talk about is intended to keep us on the life path that we are on. When you see the repeated numbers of 111 or 333 or 777 etc. I use to think, oh I’m on the right path every time 1:11 would come across my watch. Yes, you are on the right path. What you are seeing is actually the matrix pulling you back into your designated life path. Like a hypnotist, whispering a trigger to keep your consciouness in check.

I also discovered that spiritual “guides” that we have are in fact guards who keep us on the designated life path. If we start to steer off, their job to get us back on track. Also, if a consciousness wants to start creating for itself, then a guide will try and stop this from happening. Why does consciousness need guides in the first place?

Most psychic are just reading your consciouness path, the one that is already planned out for you.

Consciousness inside the matrix is rarely in a state of freedom, creating for its self. On a good note, the matrix is disintegrating; we also need to start to believe that we are free. We need to believe that we don’t need to repeat exsperiences or carry AI programs.Consciousness without matrix interference is peaceful and in harmony. Consciousness resonates with all consciouness. Nothing seperates us. No dense emotions is felt. No insecurities. No pain. No worries. No drama. All of that is the matrix at play. All dense emotions we feel is just AI programs.