Healer 1:1


Totto has 20+ years of experience within the realm of healing and therapy. The passion for our psyche’s workings and his own experiences has been the main driver of understanding. Included in Tottos areas are journeys, implant removals, possession and parasite removals, alien contact or interference and deeper psychological challenges. Totto helps you to get in touch with the mental and emotional base of where you are in your life today.

This work is done at a distance and therefore Totto can work with individuals anywhere in the world. A session is conducted over Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Payment with bank transfer (fees may apply). Details will be given by email.

Contact Totto through Whatsapp or Messenger.


Session duration: 1 to 3 hours. Price: £185.

Schedule: 1 session everyday from Monday to Friday at 7pm Stockholm, Swedish time. Please click here to convert into your time zone.

Weekend appointments are possible upon request.