Venturing outside this matrix to gain a better understanding on how this reality came to be, I saw that above this matrix is 7 layers of fake feminine energy. This energy is in formations of triangles. This energy is infiltrated into this matrix and used to attack us. This is the root of all black magic and all energetic attacks in this reality.

When viewing this energy outside the matrix, it’s symbolic image is of a snake with fake light twirling around it. While I investigated this energy, some of this energy attached to my consciouness and I reacted also immediately. It changed my energy completely. I became hard, angry and I didn’t want to listen. I lost my softness, kindness and the ability to listen. This energy within these triangles was powerful and it was this energy that I can see that has penetrated our consciouness within this matrix. It is this energy where black magic derives from and it is this energy that consciouness has mistaken for female energy. This energy is called Fake Feminine Energy.

As I travelled further out to see a bigger picture of this energy, I saw that all matrics and all this fake feminine energy was being contained in a electrical cube. This electrical cube main function is to keep all energy in balance and the fake feminine energy is constantly working to keep energy out of balance.

The fake feminine energy is designed to keep everything out of balance so when the cube becomes out of balance it naturally restores balance by dividing within itself, creating more boxes within the electric cube, but this restricts consciouness even more. As the cube has to keep dividing within itself to counteract the fake feminine energy, consciouness loses more and more freedom with each divide, as the cube has to get smaller and smaller to keep in balance. This cube when it divides creates other realities and parallel realities with each divide.

At present we are enclosed in an electrical cube which is part of a even larger electrical cube. This electric cube that we are in has two geometric structures within it. These structures act as a large program and we are enclosed in a program which radiates abuse, manipulation and control.On a smaller scale I see these geometric shapes in people’s energetic fields. I also see them over houses and over large masses of areas. I can read these geometric shapes and see the effects it has on individuals. For example a lady I spoke to last week, had 2 geometric structures within her field causing her consciouness to project into many realities when she slept which caused her to feel really tired when she woke up. She never got a good night sleep because her consciouness was being manipulated to project into many different realities while sleeping. The geometric shapes over and under her home made her feel restless and bored in her home. There was also another geometric structure over her community effecting a five mile radius, which made individuals within this area to want to buy and consume. When informing this lady of my findings she informed me that she had a shopping problem, buying things she didn’t really want or need. These geometric shapes is another way they control and manipulate us without us even knowing. Thankfully I can remove these structures that imprison and manipulate us!