Dinara Skeiryte

I am very excited to be joining Find The Light student page as a remote viewer and intuitive healer. I’m passionate about healing work and done a lot of it myself. With Becky’s help and guidance i was able to heal a lot of the traumas that were quietly running my life unnoticed.

Looking back at my life I now understand that majority of it i was living very much on the mental side, focused on achieving and “go getting”. So learning to lead with my heart is a very welcomed change. As with everything in life it’s a process and I’m still learning about myself, other people, the universe and learning to listen and to follow my heart. So I followed my own intuition into completing Becky’s Level 3 and being here, offering my guidance through your own healing.


My goal is to empower you to access your own healing and understanding about your issues, to help you resolve them and release trapped emotions from your consciousness and your body. In my intuitive healing/remote viewing sessions I only use your own and my energies.

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One Hour Session £60

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