Elena Popova

Hi, my name is Elena. I am married and have a girl in primary school.

I have been on a journey of self-discovery and learning about consciousness for over 20 years. It led me to the path of meditation, psychology and coaching. Through active meditations I learned a lot about my body and grew in awareness, allowed many tensions to leave my system and it probably saved my life.

I understood how beliefs can limit us. But wasn’t ready to deal with trauma. I used techniques to get to the space of nothingness but this couldn’t bring me to a satisfying life. The one thing it did was spiritual bypassing.  Until I met Becky. She taught me how to really listen to myself. Then I had to deal with my internal pain and there was no coming back from there. I realized I can’t live from authenticity without handling my pain first.

Three years later here I am, knowing that I create myself daily through respecting my inner voice. That I create my life through choosing my focus and respecting my boundaries.


I offer one-hour sessions over zoom, after the session, I can send an audio recording if you wish so.

Within the hour we discuss and remote view an issue, clear energies, work on beliefs, see what are the best ways to support the body, calm down the mind and your whole system.

I can support you to understand your relationship to self and others, sooth your inner child, clear and get support from ancestral lines and anything else that might come up.

I am here to help you gain clarity, believe in yourself and sort out the obstacles on your journey.

One Hour Session £60