Join Christy in a small-group online healing experience. Each participant will receive up to 30 minutes of personalized healing support each week for 5 weeks. Within the container of this private group, each person will be supported with community connection, intuitive awareness, and healing of traumas that are at the root of current challenges or imbalances. Additional “homework” guided by your body wisdom may be provided each week to support the healing process and promote integration between each session. This live, interactive 5-week journey is intended to grow each person into greater balance and alignment with one’s personal goals and desired reality.

You receive up to 30 minutes of personalized and consecutive healing support during the 5 weeks (150 minutes of personalized healing support over the 5 weeks for each participant). Each week has a unique healing theme or intention, however each person can choose to prioritize a different healing focus based on a personalized need or preference.

Week 1: Healing for the physical body, limiting beliefs, or any other masculine energies that are prioritized by you or your consciousness

Week 2: Healing of heart energies, emotions, or stuck emotional patterns to support the healing and expression of your female energies and heart consciousness

Week 3: Healing of any ancestral patterns or light body aspects that are creating an imbalance in the co-creative process with your unique masculine and feminine energies

Week 4: Clearing of any attachments including implants, entities, inversions, AI technology, parasites, etc. as well as any associated emotional patterns or limiting beliefs these attachments are connected

Week 5: Furthering the balance of your masculine and feminine energies in conjunction with higher self wisdom to support the activation of your desired reality


Price: $400 (about £290) for the 5-week healing group series.

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No preparation needed. No prior healing sessions required to participate in the healing groups. 18 years of age and older required for participation in a healing group. When you book a Healing Group Series your local time is used by the software booking system below.

If you are interested in a personalized 1:1 Healing Series where you receive 2 hour private sessions with Christy for 5 consecutive weeks, then please email Christy directly for scheduling and booking (price $1,250). Limited availability below.