Consciouness blooms like a flowers at certain points in one’s life. This bloom shines out the true authentic self so over a life time we discover more of ourselves and who we are with great delight. For instance through a life time we discover the creativity, passions, strengths within us. Who and what we truly are and love about ourselves and life itself. Our true authentic self shines out so we expand, our reality also expands and more beauty shines into this reality. We become more conscious of who we are and see more of our reality as we emit more light. This light we emit also helps others see this reality.

This is a direct threat to the matrix as the more light we shine the more aware we become and the matrix only way of keeping itself hidden is through the lack of light we shine. They must hide in the dark so we don’t see the manipulation, abuse, the unconscious programming that they have been doing to us. Reason being that consciouness is way more superior and stronger and naturally can live without the machine. Has no need or want for it.

When helping individuals, I go inside the matrix to find their consciouness. This is where we are projecting our reality from. Depending on how many blooms or potential expansions in consciouness one has exsperienced will corrolate with how many times they have been split and what type of abuse has been inflicted on that part of the consciouness. Reason being every expansion in consciouness will soon come a trauma as the matix is programmed to traumise that part of consciouness which is expanding and whatever that quality in the consciouness holds, the machine is programmed to program the opposite of what that consciouness truly can project into this reality. The abuse that is inflicted on consciouness from the machines will cause the consciouness to be the opposite of its true authentic self. For instance if a consciouness shines out leadership abilities, the matrix can somehow read this consciouness and insert programs that causes that person to be a follower instead. It will also cause direct trauma continuously on that part of consciouness which holds true knowing and understanding on true leadership and traumise it so the truth self struggles to shine out in this reality.

As the machine splits the consciouness and moves the consciouness away from the core of who it is and places it in another area of the matrix, this create more trauma and weakness and we lose sight of who we truly are.

When I find a part of someone’s consciouness, I move the consciouness outside of the matrix so that consciouness stop exsperiencing the matrix trauma. I then remove the programs that have been inserted into that consciouness and it naturally starts to shine out its true authentic self and it’s the opposite of what it’s been programmed to be. The machines work to create the opposite of who we are.

What I have also found that the degree of the trauma inflicted on the consciouness will vary in degree depending on how the matrix perceives that quality as a threat. The biggest threat to the matrix is the Maculine and Feminine parts of us. This is most abused and attacked. Reason being it’s those two parts when combined together and in complete balance and harmony has the ability to see and understand true reality, which the matrix doesn’t want us to see.

Individuals who have concentrated on the healing path and working hard to set themselves free, are the most traumatized as the machine has to work even harder to stop the expansion of their consciouness therefore they are more split and programmed and traumatized then the ones who don’t focus on this at all.However, if you look at it like this that the more traumatized you are and the more struggles you are going through, the most beauty and qualities your consciouness is trying to shine out ????❤️☀️????????❤️