Jeanie Zak

Hi! I’m Jeanie, you may have seen me hanging around here in the FTL community over the last few years. It’s one of my favorite places to be, it feels like home to be in the company of such lovely, intelligent, inquisitive, and free spirited beings! I’m so thankful that Becky followed her heart to create this space, and now I would like to help with the expansion of that beautiful energy. 

With Becky’s assistance, through her series of courses, I have discovered that one of my greatest gifts to give, is my ability to create a secure, non-judgmental, loving space for others, while helping them relax deeply enough to allow access to their own inner wisdom through their Higher Selves.

This simple process allows one to freely experience a safe journey within, showing them firsthand what they need to see, to feel, and to heal. It can bring much understanding, an immediate change of perspective, deep inner peace, and expansion to one’s consciousness and their everyday awareness. Which, of course, can greatly affect one’s outlook on life and how they are living, interacting with others, and lead to truly enjoying this earthly experience here and now.

So basically, I can assist you on a grand journey on yourself… whatever it is you have in store for you! I very much look forward to our journey together, each unique in of itself.


If you would like more information, here is a link to my website. 

I have been facilitating amazing sessions since 2018, but now with much more confidence and appreciation in their value to an individual’s journey, which in turn multiplies collectively. 

I normally charge $180.00 US for a full session, which can be up to 4 hrs or more. But, if you are a member of the FTL community, you are ahead of the game, and I offer 1/2 off @ £75 (aprox $90 US) (, as it will most likely only take 2-3 hrs.

Thank you for your consideration in entrusting me with your journey!  🙂

Session £75