Level one is the first exciting step on your journey to heal yourself and others.  In this course you will discover how to unlock your inner healing abilities while you progress at your own pace.

You will gain instant access to seven video trainings recorded by Becky. In addition, you will receive six meditations to help you with your practice.

What’s included?

1) Lessons & Accompanying Meditations:

Introduction To Journeying
Session 1 : Understanding Trauma
Session 2 : Journey On The Individual
Session 3 : Healing The Mother/Child Relationship
Session 4 : Healing The Father/Child Relationship
Session 5 : Understanding The Soul
Session 6 : Understanding Relationships

2) Private Telegram Group
Receive access to a private Telegram group.  Connect with other Level 1 students and accelerate your skills together. 

3) Live Calls With Becky:
Each new student will be given access to one LIVE Q&A session with Becky.  Calls will be scheduled periodically and will allow new students to dive a bit deeper into the subjects presented in the lessons.   

All calls will be recorded and will be in your members area so you can refer back to your session.  In addition, you will have access to prior and subsequent sessions held as they are placed in the members area. 

Course Prerequisite:  None

Price: £250