Find Your Light And Heal Yourself Level 2 Meditations


Here is a group of 6 guided meditations to help you go deeper on your healing journey.  These mediations are designed to build on the Level 1 meditations.

You are a beautiful being of light that holds vast amount of information but trauma and negative beliefs can make us trap our beauty and hide it away. These meditations are specially designed to help you discover these traumas and come out of hiding so you can shine more of you into this reality.

Each meditation is guided by the voice of Sigrid Kjeldsen using the wealth of information that Rebecca has obtained through her many years of understanding consciousness.

1. Journey To Gaia 
2. Organs: Rebalancing The Body
3. Past Lives Journey
4. Connecting To Loved Ones Who Have Passed
5. Sexual Energy
6. Heart’s Desire

These meditations can be used time and time again to go deeper into your consciousness as you are a unique being with a wealth of information which is waiting to be seen and accessed by you.