Nikky Murray

I am an intuitive guide, helping individuals align to their authentic self through connection with the heart, and an exchange of truth. With Becky’s help, having dived deeply into my shadow self and worked through many challenging layers of healing, I am currently stepping into my empowerment. Working with higher energies and Gaia, my goal is to help clients overcome challenges and imbalances in their lives by identifying and enabling the release of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve, bringing past traumas into the light for healing, and supporting people to navigate the path to their own empowerment.

I can also help peers boost their skills in journeying/remote viewing “live” with clients 
for improved intuition flow. I sometimes receive “gifts” from higher energies (when appropriate) to help shine a light on the seeker’s own unique abilities and next steps of working with new energies waiting to blossom.

Having had close connections with animals and nature since childhood, I am also developing my abilities in animal communication. I can bring comfort and help people reconnect with animals who have passed, so their pets’ energies can be felt by their loved ones in a more palpable way, helping with the process of transitioning from grief.


Ultimately, I aim to bring greater clarity and understanding (both of the current situation, and of purpose on the path ahead), as well as powerful upliftment.  If this resonates, please click the button below to book a session. I would be honoured to create a safe and discreet space to help you on your path towards further expansion and empowerment.