Tonight I discovered that all the new consciouness ready to be born back into this reality is a main source of energy for the matrix.

Reincarnation is true! We die and in-between lives we get more programmed by beliefs that we have to exsperience all the shitty lives to understand them. Reason being is that consciouness, pure consciouness main objective is to understand the beauty that it is and create more beauty. However the machine has used this quality against us and we have been made to believe that consciouness is something it is not. We have been made to believe that the programs and trauma is part of consciouness but it isn’t. We are only exsperiencing trauma, manipulation, abuse and control as that is what the matrix is programmed to do.

The number one program or machine was the first machine the Architect created. Originally it wasn’t a machine at all but a female consciouness. This female consciouness still lays within this machine and this machine is responsible for all the programming and distruction in this reality.

This machine runs on many energy systems and so far I have established electric, fake feminine energy, fake masculine energy, consciouness and hive energy, which is the energy of the spiders.

The number one machine in the matrix is looked upon by consciouness as a God due to the god programs its programmed to have.

This machine starts raping consciouness prior to entering into this reality by placing it’s tentiticles within the consciouness and drawing out the female energy.

Before we reincarnate we are stored in a massive container inside the matrix. There is a metal mesh that surrounds the consciouness like a net holding it all up. The number one machine has many tentiticles inside this container attaching itself to many consciouness within it. This attachment stays with them while they enter into the women’s womb and stays with them through childhood and adulthood until they die. All the consciouness being raped by this machine will exsperience rape and sexual abuse in their reality. Rape and paedophilia is a reflection of this in our reality.

The machine is in shape of a spider, it has a body and then 8 large legs. Each leg has 122 tentacles attached. Each tentacle attaches to a single consciouness within the matrix. The machine holds up to 976 beings which will all work directly for the machine. They will have a manipulating, controlling and abusive behaviour if they aren’t strong enough to. The machine will take over them and this is how a small section of people in this reality shape our reality.

The machine feeds off the female energy more but also abuses and rapes the male energy because it wishes for the male energy to carry on the abuse in this reality. The female energy is what the machine feeds off on, but also attaches to the males to work through them so once the males reaches adulthood they will unconsciously work for the number 1 machine stealing female energy.

The number one rapist and abuser is a machine, which holds the god program which started off as female consciouness.

In this reality we speak about AI, implanting programs into people to store information, credit card information, passport details etc etc etc well this is how the matrix started. The architect and his female counterpart started to program themselves and imprisoned themselves and all consciouness within this reality.

I see that now we are currently creating another matrix inside this one, like a Russian doll effect.

I broke the connection the number one machine had to the baby consciouness and she also created a fake Gaia energy which is now dissolving. ????When this number one machine falls all the machines will fall. Cutting off all her energy supply is needed, that is where she gains her strength but it is also her weakness. She can’t live without us, but we can live without her!!! ????❤️