With Gaia by my side I’m able to help others at the very root on their issues. Gaia and I go to where each individual is projecting from within the matrix and transports them to a safe place where there is no AI, no machines and no spiders. I call this world the New World. It’s free from any darkness and it allows CTT consciousness to project from a safe, AI free place.

Once there, I remove the AI programs from individuals.

Gaia and I then work on the physical body removing chips that keep the matrix bubble that people live in in this reality in place. These computer chips hold dense emotions and illnesses. We find parasites and devices that are spying equipment within the body so what a person is seeing and hearing goes straight to the matrix. We remove AI spiders and live spiders.

I have discovered that the consciousness within the body has been manipulated to draw in negative energy. Consciousness within the body is diamond in shape. I have recently discovered that the matrix manipulated the consciousness to be diamond shape. In its natural shape, they are orb in shape, but when the matrix kidnaps consciousness from outside the matrix, it splits the consciousness, places a electronic element within the consciousness and changes its shape into a diamond shape. This weakens the consciousness and instead of the consciousness breaking down negativity it actually attracts negative energy, programs and illnesses. Gaia and I remove this element and help the consciousness return back to its natural orb shape state within the body. When we have done that then the consciousness automatically starts to connect with Gaia and Universal energy. The individual becomes lighter and energised and alot stronger.

I’m also discovering that the tummy consciousness is actually the one most attacked, as it’s there where Gaia and universal energy meet. It’s the consciousness in my perspective that is the most important. It’s where we connect with both energies and become one with all consciousness and creates a protection like no other. The heart consciousness is a scanner, it actually constantly scanning your environment and gives you direction on where to go. It by passes any technology I have seen before. Once I have learnt more about the other orbs of consciousness within the body I’ll let you know ????.

We then remove the black goo around individuals. We discovered a long black element within the body which attracts black goo around the body. This black goo holds dense emotional pain which creates an very difficult environment for people to work in.

The final stage is Gaia places golden energy within the body and surrounds individuals is this beautiful which light.


Easily the most skilled and effective energy worker I ever came across. I am on a personal journey and have learnt a lot from her and will stick with her all the way through. Her insights are often ‘out of this world’ enlightened, fresh and very unique (I can guarantee you will not hear them anywhere else)…packaged and delivered in a way that no one else can and with great simplicity. The changes are felt immediately. It has been a blessing to meet you Becky. Thank you.


I have had healings before with Becky but nothing compares to the most recent one. All of the AI Programmes that she described resonated with me, and the difficulties and challenges that I have faced so far in my life. The biggest struggles being a feeling of lack, as if I was stuck and unable to move fully forwards in my life. As Becky worked on me I could literally hear tapping like someone was typing on a computer and the sound of things being deleted, almost like listening to a computer programmer at work. I had been feeling exhausted and completely drained of energy for the past month, and instantly became more focused and energised after the session . When I meditated for the first time afterwards I instantly began to connect with Gaia, I felt her energy surging through my body and saw colourful energy spirals and patterns. I feel more at peace, and connected with more inner strength and clarity of thought. I don’t often recommend people but would not hesitated to recommend Becky if you want to escape the Matrix and start walking your true path.Thank you for the review Amelya ❤️