Testimonials Christy

G.S. Australia

Dear Christy,

I would like take this opportunity to thank you for our most amazing healing sessions. The level of depth and understanding that you were able to gather really blew my mind. You’re kind and gentle nature really helped me understand my blockers, my limiting beliefs and where particular healing needed to be applied at this point in time. I really appreciated how you helped me navigate my current sticky points, and I’m now able to move forward in confidence to help empower myself in this current life to help me grow, learn and evolve, so that I may lead the best life possible.There really is no perfect way to describe what marvelous and brilliant talents and gifts you are able to share in a healing session and also in a standard session. I have covered both sessions with you and I have found across either option, you are able to really guide and provide insights into my past experiences and life traumas – whereby you are supportive to shift old patterns that are no longer relevant in my life, so that I am able to heal and now look back on with a different perspective to find more confidence within myself, which I didn’t have before. I would like to thank you for the kindness you have shown and the compassion you were able to bring forth in the sessions that you offer, and I will forever be thankful for the calmness and peace you have provided in helping me understand life’s predicaments, that have assisted me in evolving that little bit more as a spirit on planet earth. Having you as a sounding board to bounce ideas, issues and concerns with, assisted me in peeling off another layer of my onion so that I am now able to gain a closer connection to my heart, which was locked away for a long time. With your support I was able to let it out to shine and stop living in fear!I invite anyone who comes across Christy’s path to book her time and enjoy your healing session and/or discovery session with her. You will be pleasantly and very much surprised as to her most glorious and brilliant nature that she provides in assisting with your personal development and growth. Thank you Christy. You are amazing.



I am so grateful for the healing sessions I have had with Christy, not only for me, but also for several members of my family. She is spot on in what she finds, and it is like she sees a whole story and several stories (in the even bigger story), and each session has been like a unity of its own that is rounded up in the end. Christy found the root cause of everything, which I’ve been trying to find and circling in for 30 years, and the last 4 years through healing, but hadn’t been able to find. She found the time of the injury and the dynamics of it (physically, emotionally, spiritually), which gives the most profound understanding of my whole life; of why it has been like it has, and how I now of course trust and see that things have changed and will continue to change for the better. I am forever grateful. And of course there are all the other traumas and life patterns adding to this, that Christy is entangling one by one, adding even more healing and understanding. Many of the traumas have been about me switching off my heart energy, for various reasons. With Christy I feel seen and I feel safe and I can feel great emotional shifts and big gradual physical shifts from the sessions. I’m looking to continuing to harvest the health benefits from her sessions, which know will be profound.



I knew during my first session with Christy that I wanted to have more sessions with her. She is truly gifted and got me right away. I was in awe. Like WOW! I was so nervous – I have never done healing work before. Christy put me at ease and made me feel very comfortable. She dived right in and found the reason why I was feeling depressed and also found out why my eating disorder was plaguing me for most of my life. It all made sense! I would have never figured it out on my own, nor has my therapist that I have been seeing regularly for almost 3 years now.  After my first session with Christy I noticed a dramatic difference in how I felt – a weight was lifted off of me. I had more energy and was much, much happier in general. It was such a relief. I had my life back. As the days went my mood has only improved. I don’t mean to be dramatic, but Christly came in and saved the day – I really was quite desperate and was losing hope in overcoming my depression I had for the past few years. I just adore her!


I have had 3 readings with Christy and everything mentioned matched my personal experiences and needs. All her predictions came out accurately. She spoke about my parents and went 4 generations back to their ancestors and was able to advise why they had pain and suffering in their lives. Christy was able to go back in time and heal my mum’s general flow of as they were objects to be pulled and enslaved which subconsciously my mum played out in this reality. Christy healed her great grandmother and everyone moving forward. My mum was unaware of my reading and advised me that she had a sense of ease in her heart and did not know why, My mum also mentioned she felt free and really relaxed and was looking forward to a bright future. Hello, that was Christy’s doing!

I had another instance where my twin sister and I had opposing energies. I haven’t spoken to my twin sister for 15 plus years. I could not understand why we repelled each other. Sounds crazy doesn’t it. Christy went back to the womb where we were both together and said it was not our first rodeo together. There was an agreement in place with the then matrix involved to dislike each other, be mirror opposites and manipulate each other. Christy removed us individually from the womb, broke the agreement — cleared the contract and put us back. We were placed back in the womb with neutral energies so we could be light fun and break this manipulated bond. No word of a lie, the day I had this reading my twin sister contacted me on messenger. I am not saying, we are going to be best friends, however that is a significant shift.

I can’t even express in words the things that have changed in my life. These are 2 examples of many changes. I highly recommend Christy. NO amount of therapy could predict and break these cycles. She was so accurate and it was money well spent. I have spent years and years in therapy, only to have my life changed in an hour. I highly recommend it to anyone. All traumas can be dissolved in a minute and she can go to the root cause. OMG! You’re crazy not to spend the money and give this amazing lady a go.


I had several mini sessions with Christy over Telegram and I have to say that her insights into my situation were spot on! During the whole process she was kind, caring and compassionate which made it easy to share with her even very personal details of my life. I like the fact she is really into empowering people and give tips on how to embody the healing. The root of my problem was related to my relationship with my father. Funny thing is that even though he and I are estranged, a couple of days after the healing, he contacted me and left a voicemail. And while I used to not like being in touch with him, I always felt compelled to reply or text back because I was carrying some sort of guilt. And, also I was always annoyed whenever he contacted me. Well, when he left a voicemail a few days ago, I didn’t feel the usual. I actually felt very neutral and didn’t contact him back and do not intend to. The guilt feeling coming from I don’t know where is gone! I would also like to mention that when we started the work my usual pain in the liver area got more intense and it’s started getting so much better when we were done with the healing (my liver was not the theme of the healing session though). She also shared with me an exercise that my consciousness thought would be helpful in my healing. This very simple exercise helped me release so much of the trauma that was stored in my body! It was a very powerful and empowering experience! I cannot recommend enough a session with her! She truly has a gift and a huge heart!


Over the last few months Christy has walked beside me with her ease and lightness through very challenging experiences across time and into the afterlife of beloveds. Amazingly her precision as a healer comes with true uninflected love. Love for all she hears and sees and can pass to us without any traces of thought or influence. Her purity is very special, she always makes me smile at life even with the tears. Absolutely Love working with her and recommend her with a full heart.



I’ve been processing and healing coming out of a 22 year relationship and all the challenges that brings. With Christy’s help I have been able to discover any unconscious programming that has been at play that culminated in the unhealthy dynamic within the relationship, and its eventual breakdown. It’s so easy to place the target on the other person when a relationship ends, but so freeing and empowering to take responsibility for the part we play within the dynamic too. There is nothing quite as confronting but also healing as becoming fully conscious, and Christy is an absolute expert at helping facilitate this process. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s been life changing and I have great hopes that my next relationship won’t repeat the same mistakes as a result. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift Christy.