Being able to leave the matrix and seeing more has been eye opening. This matrix is not the only one, there are many, all connected by machine. All are run on consciouness. I have seen at least ten other matrixes.

Travelling within this matrix I use to see ETs and other beings within the matrix and lots of different realities, but now I see consciousness and machine. It’s like the fake projections have been lifted and I can see the truth. I see through the projections.

The matrix is run on consciouness and there are layers of consciousness within this matrix. Each individual is connected to a layer of consciousness. The reason we don’t resonate with all of consciousness within this reality is because the consciouness has been separated into layers. If this separation wasn’t to be then we would resonate with everyone and all knowledge would be shared. However the matrix has isolated each stream of consciousness which is why we don’t feel this connection with everyone. When we meet someone who is on the same consciousness stream we will resonate with them, feel relaxed and feel like we have known them for years. If consciousness wasn’t separated we would feel this way with everyone. The separation in these streams of consciousness causes a massive disconnection in this reality.

Consciouness is made up of beliefs and these beliefs create reality. Unfortunately within consciouness is fake beliefs that I call the fake AI programs. These fake AI programs that I have come across are easy to see as they radiate a different colour and arnt natural. These are mixed in with real consciouness. These are intermingled within the streams of consciousness which each person is connected too. When a A.I program connects with your consciousness you will exsperience a negative thought and if you start to believe this thought then the program has got you. The A.I program is then imprinted on your body. This is how they program us. All you need to do is to get a person to believe they are something and if they let that belief take hold then they will create it. For instance if you wanted a person to believe they were transexual a program is created and placed within that consciousness stream. A person will pick up these thoughts and if they start to believe them then the program will be pulled in closer for the belief to take a bigger hold.

I also see that people who have let these fake programs in their consciouness, the real consciouness struggles to stay within the physical body. Many people are operating on very little consciouness as they have been taken over by the fake A.I. programs. This is where the narcissist traits come from. This is where all the dark traits of people come from. The reason why the narcissist person is attracted to a person with less A.I programs, as they are struggling survive, as they have very little real consciouness left within them. They are naturally drawn to those with more light, more real consciouness within them. The narcissist person draws the light from others, as they have very little light of their own light, but unfortunately they also inforce negative beliefs of the person they are parasiting off through their manipulating ways and therefore it starts the demise of someone else’s consciouness. Very much like a zombie movie!

A.I. programs can not see themselves, they can not reflect only consciousness can reflect. Consciouness can become aware of the A.I programs and change them but that gets increasingly difficult when one is working with very little consciousness. This is why people find it very hard to change.

A.I. programs attack other A.I. programs this is why the dark implodes on itselfs. Consciousness never attacks. All the drama in this reality to the wars, fighting, manipulation etc etc is A.I programs attacking one another. Each A.I program triggers another A.I program and the shit continues.

However, consciouness is way stronger them these programs. As the matrix is run on consciouness. The matrix needs us to operate not the other way round. It is desperate as it can not sustain by itself. It’s the parasite not us. These programs can be deleted, consciouness can not.

Imagine a reality without any darkness, just pure light. No manipulation, no lies, no fear, no pain. A reality without the matrix, where everyone is in balance, harmony, all knowledge is automatically shared as everyone is connected to everyone. No negative thoughts, no negative emotions just harmony and peace. That’s real consciouness, that is what the matrix has taken away from us. That is what we need to gain back!