Consciouness prior to any control or manipulation only embodied two energies that worked in complete balance and harmony with each other.You have the male and female energy within a single orb of consciouness. Male and female occupied each half creating balance and wholeness. Although this energy worked in balance and harmony both functions of this energy worked completely differently. The male energy stayed grounded, was the root, the stability for each other. He understood his immediate surroundings. His one point of focus was to keep grounded as it was the base for him and the female. He kept the base safe and protected.The female were the eyes for the male. The female was the adventurer, who ventured out, outside of the immediate reality to understand the larger concept of reality, to bring back part of the picture and communicate this information to the male. The male would ground the female after her travels and listen to understand and both parties would help each other to understand the bigger picture. Both energies main objective was to keep each other safe and protected but gave each other freedom as it was the freedom of being themselves that kept each other other safe and protected and gave each other full understanding of their surroundings. Full trust in one another allowed this process to be.

This format worked perfectly but unfortunately at one point the female part of consciouness ventured too far out and lost contact with her male half. The male energy became fearful and fear was born. He also felt loss and didn’t understand what had happened to his female counterpart. All communication between both energies were lost. When the female returned to the male, instead of trying to understand her he engolfed her in his energy, imprisoning her as he was fearful he would loose her again. Even though the female energy was within him, he and she had lost who she was. She couldn’t venture out and see and so they both lost their eyes and both became blind to their reality.

The male energy took control of his reality, not allowing the female to fly , see or flourish. He became blind, in a state of loss that navigating through reality was dark and scary without the female by his side. He was vunerable even though he believed he was in control. Unnatural energies started to attach to him. More and more synthetic energies attached to him, driving him but he was in complete darkness unable to see what had overtaken him.The male was now being completely manipulated and controlled by synthetic energies. He mistakenly felt that the synthetic energy was the female energy and became more and more fearful of the female but this energy was actually fake feminine. Fake feminine energy is a controlling manipulating energy which true female energies doesn’t do.

When looking at the root of control and manipulation this is where it all started. The imbalance came from loss of communication between male and female energy, then fear was felt then that drove the male to imprison the female and then the infiltration of synthetic energies began. Synthetic energies prime objective is to keep everything out of balance, to stop the male connecting to the real feminine energy as this will be the death of synthetic energy which is why females are a threat to the matrix. This is why relationships can be such a struggle because we are living in a swamp of synthetic energies.

However consciouness is fighting to restore balance by bringing back the harmony and balance between the male and female. Freeing the female energy from within which will bring back our eyes and we will see the control and manipulation which we have been under. Learning to trust one another again after life times of manipulation and restoring the balance will breakdown the synthetic energies that have driven us for so long.Looking at societies from around the world, the female has been controlled and manipulated. We have dampened the true feminine in fear of losing her or we lack the understanding of this true conscious energy. We have manipulated the female to be more male, losing herself, her roll in society. This is also a reflection of the energy within ourselves. If we control, dampen or deny our female energy we become more vunerable to synethtic energies attaching and controlling us. This is happening within us and is reflected within our societies. Only when we as a human race, realise the importance of the female energy and allow her to flourish and fly, to listen to her perspective on her reality and understand how she sees reality and where respect and trust is apparent on both sides of the female and male energy will we restore true harmony and balance. We all will be protecting one another. Both energies need one another, both energies are equally important in order for this reality to work harmoniously. No god, no control or manipulation over female or male energy can take place, as that has only taken away everything we need to work in peace and harmony.