Prior to the Matrix, the females were perceived and looked upon as goddesses. They were the ones that with their gentle but strong energy charged our reality.

The female energy which exudes creation, protection, nurturing and harmony. However it is this energy that the matrix finds their biggest threat, which is why this energy is dampened, raped and attacked so much.

I personally have been attacked by two “healers”. One male and one female. The female which turned out to be a A.I individual was far more clever and deceptive then the male healer, but they both did the same thing to try to bring me to my knees. They both claimed to be “healing” me however when they both started healing me my life became a lot harder.

On both occasions, I lost my sex drive, my psychic abilities dampened, they brought vulnerabilities and insecurities to the surface. To counteract this I supported myself with unhealthy coping mechanisms. Instead of feeling better I actually mentally and emotionally got worse.

Both “healers” placed a hook into my based consciousness which people perceive is where our base chakra is. They then funneled my sexual energy off.

The female sexual energy seems to be a big threat to the matrix. From what I see is that when a person “wakes up” inside the matrix , they become more of a threat. In order to control they manipulate the consciousness to project their reality a certain way. One way being that in order to become your authentic self you need to dive into our shadow self to understand and heal. The matrix programs us to re-experience trauma in order to heal, which is like saying in order to feel and look good, go and bath in shit for a while.. lol. But consciousness has fallen for it! This programming runs very deep in the awakened community, but unfortunately this is a never ending gravy train of exsperiencing trauma and not going anywhere fast and very few succeed. This way is like trying to climb a massive mountain, which is made of ice.

This is what happened to me on both occassions and in both instances the “healer” placed a hook into my base consciouness and robbed me off my sexual energy.


The female sexual energy when in full force naturally breaks down foreign energies. It not only naturally breaks down evading unnatural energies, but it also provides protection for the males in this reality. That includes our children.

This energy also links to our psychic abilities which helps us breakdown the matrix programming and in effect helps us break down the matrix.

The female pours out this energy all the time but we rebelish this energy during sex and by reaching orgasm we fill our cups up. We naturally then share this energy out, naturally protecting our family from any invading energies.

Now helping women I see the sexuality of women has been seriously under attack. They hook into our sexual area and funnel the energy away or they place programs over our sexual regions to reject, to be ashamed or uncomfortable of our sexual areas, which causes women unable to fully express their sexuality. The result in this is that women struggle with their sex drive or unable to reach orgasm or feeling caged in their sexual lives. Reason being is the matrix doesn’t want us to generate this energy as it’s natural barrier to foreign energies. Women are the biggest threat to the matrix!These programs need to be removed from women and people need to become aware that the spiritual way of healing by visiting past trauma is a matrix game that we don’t need to play.