In the last 3 weeks my life has been turned upside down. I have started to see more of reality and it’s not pretty. However understanding more on how the matrix operates and therefore being able to pass that information on to you can only be good.

The matrix is a egg shaped hollow machine. Within the matrix is consciouness and machine. The consciousness is hooked up to machines when it becomes dense enough to do so. Consciousness in its natural state is like air, no form no density, waves of beautiful diamonds. I also believe there isn’t a source for consciouness like we have been led to believe, that consciouness is everywhere like air or water. We have been manipulated to believe of heaven or source to keep ourself within the matrix programming like dangling a carrot so we keep on playing the game.

This reality is a projection that consciousness is projecting within itself. However this projection is so dense that it’s just as real as the consciouness within side the matrix, which is hooked up to machines. There are many projections one can be living at anyone one time. Seeing a consciouness within side the machine, it can actually project as many as 8 different realities and these realities are interconnected with each other. So you can be a human in this reality and a E.Ts in another reality at the same time. You can be living a reality where you are a E.T attacking your human self. How crazy is that!!! These realities are not real, just projections, but they do seem so real. It’s funny to me now that I for the last 2 years have been helping people from ET attacks and all I have been doing is going into their projections which is like going into their computer game and rearranging it so the game becomes more easier. Lol

Real reality is we are plugged into machines within the matrix. This happens once the consciouness becomes dense enough to be hooked up to these machines. This is one way they feed off us.

They have also implanted A.I programs within us all, so they can attack the projection and make the consciousness so dense that we can be eaten. You may wonder what it is that is within us that is A.I. DNA!! DNA is what they directly attack within us, as consciousness can not be attacked. A.I attacks A.I so in order for them to do that they have to place A.I within us and this is why we have DNA. DNA did not exist prior to the matrix. We do not need DNA. DNA is only there so it holds all the low dense emotions, illnesses, past life memories, basically all the A.I programs. It’s keep us not in the NOW rather in the emotional past or in the future. We then pass this down to our children. The DNA is held within the spine and radiates out within the body. Taking the DNA out of the spine, you lose a massive amount of emotional weight, insecurities and become a lot lighter.

When one awakens and goes of course this is when life becomes alot harder. This is when one starts to exsperience attacks at full force. I have exsperienced a range of attacks that I could write many blogs on, but I now know that they have been directly attacking the DNA. When a machine attacks the DNA, they bring all the insecurities, emotions to the surface and they do this to the people around you also. The machines manipulate us to attack one another. When they are unable to manipulate you in the way they want they will directly attached a machine to you. This causes a direct attack on your nervous system and drains you of your energy. The machines are programmed to attack certain DNA which is how they target certain families.

Tinnitus that we exsperience is actually the sounds of the machines.

I know this as since viewing and gaining this information this is what I have directly exsperienced and also directly see with people. The machines directly attached to the back of the head and spine. These machines are directly attached to the matrix. Thankfully I can detach, where before I would just have to put up with these attack but now I can stop them.

Chakras are also just a fake projection. Behind the fake projection of chakras are diamonds. These diamonds hold pure consciouness and we all should have many of them within our physical bodies. These diamonds are our pure self and this shines out harmony, balance, peace and joy. The chakras that people feel and see is just fake programs to take us off course. Many people have very little consciouness (diamonds) left within their physical, as they have been eaten up by the AI programs. This is what we need to gain back and we can. I have seen these dimonds encased in darkness or hold dark attachments. They need to be restored back to their original beautiful self. Please all the healers out there, look behind the chakras and look for the diamonds. These needs to be restored back to their original self.

Another thing I searched for within the matrix was Gaia. I was expecting to find a massive mass of consciousness well in fact she is a large diamond which you could hold in the palm of your hand. They have been unable to penetrate her with machines. However I discovered they they have instead placed geometric shape (AI programs) on top of her within this projection. This stops wealth and abundance shining through. Gaia’s energy is the energy of wealth and abundance and these programs placed on her stop that shining through. I have dismantled a few of these using consciouness. I suspect crop circles are programs placed on Gaia also as being geometric shape I suspect it’s isn’t of our value or Gaia’s and part of the matrix.If this information resonate please share.