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Hi, I’m Christy Evans! I am an intuitive, medium, teacher, and healer. My abilities allow me to remote view into any aspect of human consciousness as well as travel to any event in this lifetime or parallel realities/universes.

During a healing session, I am able to communicate with your physical body, masculine and feminine light bodies, ancestral energies (including mediumship connection with loved ones), higher self perspectives, personal soul wisdom, and Earth energies to navigate the healing needed during each session.

These gifts allow me to support others with a higher perspective and deeper understanding of past events, probable future timelines, as well as experience root-cause physical and energetic healing.

Through private or group healing sessions, each person can experience physical healing, embodiment of balanced energies, and creative ownership of one’s personal reality!


Christy specializes in the healing of any physical health issues or imbalances of the body, clearing emotional blocks and past trauma, shifting limiting beliefs and programing, and removing any interferences including psychic attacks, black magic, ETs, implants, AI technology, etc. Through conscious understanding and energetic clearing you can heal from past events and shift into alignment with your higher self wisdom to actualize your desired reality.

This work is done at a distance and therefore Christy can work with individuals 18 years and older from anywhere in the world. For individuals younger than 18 years old, Christy can work via a parent or caregiver with or without the child present.  

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Regular 75 minute Sessions: $185 (about £130). A 1:1 healing session is conducted over TelegramWhatsApp or Zoom. Payments with Paypal. When you book a 1:1 Healing Session your local time is used.

Emergency 75 minute Sessions: $225 (about £160). Emergency sessions are available for those who do not want to wait until a Regular Session becomes available or have a need to connect quickly on a time sensitive topic or situation. You can book an Emergency Session even if the session is not perceived as an “Emergency.” Please contact Christy directly for emergency session booking options.

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* When you book a 1:1 Healing Session your local time is used by the software booking system below. Christy’s booking calendar (below) is currently up to date through June 1, 2022.