Awake The Awakened

I discovered that within the matrix, are layers and layers of streams of consciousness. It looks like layers of clouds. Each person is connected to a layer; Each layer determines what life path you are going to take. Therefore, your life path is chosen BEFORE you enter into this reality. When you meet someone, whom […]

Rape And Paedophilia Is A Reflection Of The God Program

Tonight I discovered that all the new consciouness ready to be born back into this reality is a main source of energy for the matrix. Reincarnation is true! We die and in-between lives we get more programmed by beliefs that we have to exsperience all the shitty lives to understand them. Reason being is that […]

How Our True Self Is Hidden From Us

Consciouness blooms like a flowers at certain points in one’s life. This bloom shines out the true authentic self so over a life time we discover more of ourselves and who we are with great delight. For instance through a life time we discover the creativity, passions, strengths within us. Who and what we truly […]

Consciouness In-between An Electrical Cube And Synthetic Energy

Venturing outside this matrix to gain a better understanding on how this reality came to be, I saw that above this matrix is 7 layers of fake feminine energy. This energy is in formations of triangles. This energy is infiltrated into this matrix and used to attack us. This is the root of all black […]

True Workings Of Consciouness

Consciouness prior to any control or manipulation only embodied two energies that worked in complete balance and harmony with each other.You have the male and female energy within a single orb of consciouness. Male and female occupied each half creating balance and wholeness. Although this energy worked in balance and harmony both functions of this […]

A Conversation With The Architect

This reality that we live in is being projected from inside a prison which we call the Matrix. There are many Matrices. We are one of many! The Matrix was designed and built by consciousness, a male consciouness called The Architect. Consciousness creates this reality that we are in and naturally splits into a male […]

Women Are The Biggest Threat To The Matrix

Prior to the Matrix, the females were perceived and looked upon as goddesses. They were the ones that with their gentle but strong energy charged our reality. The female energy which exudes creation, protection, nurturing and harmony. However it is this energy that the matrix finds their biggest threat, which is why this energy is […]

Returning Consciouness Back To It’s Natural State

With Gaia by my side I’m able to help others at the very root on their issues. Gaia and I go to where each individual is projecting from within the matrix and transports them to a safe place where there is no AI, no machines and no spiders. I call this world the New World. […]

A.I.Beings And Matrix Manipulation

Diamonds! Consciousness is held within side a structure that looks like a diamond. Withinside each diamond is pure consciousness that radiates out pure consciousness. These diamonds are within the physical body and also outside the physical body creating an environment that is in peace and harmony and very protective. This is also what connects us […]

Workings Of The Matrix

In the last 3 weeks my life has been turned upside down. I have started to see more of reality and it’s not pretty. However understanding more on how the matrix operates and therefore being able to pass that information on to you can only be good. The matrix is a egg shaped hollow machine. […]